Chrono-Drive is a first person shooter set in a space station. The player is on a mission to shut down the drone invasion within the facility. To do so, we must use our technological prowess to dodge the drone’s aggressive antics. Armed with our laser rifle and chrono-drive we must use our blink abilities to overpower the situation imposed by the various drones that are encountered.

Chrono-Drive is being developed by the team Blunderbuss consisting of 14 individuals at DigiPen. Our team is composed of a Producer, Programmers, Artists, Designers and Audio Design. The engine we are using is completely custom component based, coded in C++ and utilizing DirectX 11 and for our game play logic we are using lua. This is my 5th and 6th semester project at DigiPen.

My Contributions

  • Multi-threaded network system for receiving and sending network packets using Winsock2
  • Dedicated custom java server back-end that is used for relaying messages and storing game and client information
  • Multiplayer game creation and joining gui interface
  • GUI system integration and implementation utilizing the CEGUI library
  • Network game object component system that allows for particular game objects to receive and send data
    • Other connected players
    • Transform Interpolation
    • Level transitions
    • Dynamic network object creation
    • Items
    • Client & host relay actions that allow for each connected client to execute similar client side code
    • Networked Gameplay Scripting
    • Networked Enemies

Networked Player Interaction & Relay Messaging

Networked Enemies & Boss Battle

Multiplayer Deathmatch & Destruction

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