Eyes in the Dark

Face your fears in this 2D horror adventure. You play as a factory worker who has been summoned to work in the middle of the night with the simple task of restarting the main terminal. Should be a piece of cake, right? (Download)

Eyes in the Dark was developed by the team Snake Eyes Games. Our core team consisted of six individuals, a Producer, Programmers, an Audio Programmer & Designer as well as an Artist & Designer. Our engine was a completely custom component based engine developed in C++ using DirectX11 for graphics and lua for game scripting. This was my 3rd and 4th semester project at DigiPen.

My Contributions

  • Custom component that allowed for manipulating constant buffer hlsl shader data from the lua side for a particular shader
  • Base particle system component for being able to emit particles, utilizing d3d11 instancing
  • 2D shadows using raycasting to generate the geometry then passing it over to hlsl for rendering
  • GUI menus utilizing the CEGUI library

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