Luminous is a 2D frantic puzzle platformer where the player is a ball of energy escaping from the watchful eyes of evil turrets. As the energy traverses through the maps, new powers will be discovered that give unique physical manipulation attributes to enhance the game allowing for new ways to fight back against the evil turrets. (Download)

Luminous was developed by the team Midnight Raccoons using DigiPen’s proprietary engine, Zero Engine. Our team consisted of three members, one programmer and two designers. This was my first semester project at DigiPen.

My Contributions

  • Saving, Loading, Menus, Level Selection
  • Game play scripts
    • Enemy AI
    • Generating physical objects
    • Player controls
    • Switches
    • Checkpoints & Respawning
    • Level Transitions
    • Collectibles
    • Destructible Walls
    • Opening Walls

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