Shroud of the Forsaken

Princess Plum’s dragon has vanished! You must venture through the role of Princess Plum in order to defeat the hordes of the Forsaken skeletons, as well as multiple evil bosses. Collect a variety of potions in order to succeed in your epic battles. Your Dragon needs your help! (Download)

Shroud of the Forsaken was developed by the team Stone Dragons consisting of four core people and a couple other individuals who were focused on producing wonderful audio assets for the game. The engine was completely custom data-driven written in C using the provided graphics wrapper Alpha Engine. This was my second semester project at DigiPen.

My Contributions

  • Technical Director
  • All Core engine systems and features
  • Collision Areas, Text generation & Combat Text, Sprites & Animations System, Object Data Lists, Performance, Transitions
  • Map generation and transitioning utilizing exported Tiled map editor files
  • Reusing base engine objects using C inheritance
  • Game play programming

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