Paradox Engine

The Paradox Engine is a Component based engine that was in development during my Sophomore year summer. It was never put to use, but this engine was an iteration of the Shroud of the Forsaken engine. Key differences being the Paradox Engine uses OpenGL 4.3 with GLEW for rendering instead of the DigiPen proprietary graphics API, Alpha Engine. Also, this engine is written in C++ instead of C.

    Features Include:

  • Component based engine
  • GameObjects as the parents managing their own Components
  • Game level distinction contained within particular GameZones
  • Scene and overall Game management contained within the GameWorld
  • 2D Texture & Animation system utilizing OpenGL4.3 shaders for special effects
  • TiledMap integration for easily creating GameZones in Tiled and exporting directly to the Game
  • 2D Collision detection utilizing Separating Axis Theorem
  • Rigidbody system using velocity verlet integration
  • Resource manager for the particular objects that are loaded into the particular GameZone
  • 3D Matrix & Vector implementation to allow for depth information

Download Documentation
I’ve also embedded the pdf on this page containing documentation about the Engine:

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